Steven A. Smith – Resume

Greetings! I am one of the crew leaders of CabalArticles, a world-wide Internet content writing combine. We all write content in English and Spanish for global internet readers, and are available for articles and other content building for your internet site. Down the page you can find my resume, and of course you’ll be able to find other crew leaders and team members’ CV’s on this internet site. At the end of my resume, you will discover some examples of our written and published works. For employment inquiries, you should reach us using the form on this website and we will answer as soon as is possible.

Curriculum Vitae

Steven A. Smith
3742 Christie Way
Cambridge, MA


Graduated With Special Honors from Dartmouth College

10 years of freelance writing experience (mainly for Electronic readers)

Exquisite competency in Spanish

Devoted, business-oriented staff member with a knack for specifics

Work Expertise

CabalArticles, New York City, NY

2001 – Present

Staff Leader

Answerable for coordinating a global group of freelance writers to suit a demanding set of output goals.

- Set records for productivity, growing production by 20% around the world

- Correctly kept absolutely consistent logs of job distribution

- Conducted QC for international output across a large group of freelance writers

Additional Abilities

Proficient in Spanish

State-of-the-art skills using a huge choice of office computer software

Examples of Released Writing

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